About us

Sanef télécoms, the telecoms carrier of the Sanef group - subsidiary of Abertis, the highway worldwide leading operator - supports the growth of companies and local governments,
day in and day out.

Sanef télécoms’ expertise, at your disposal

Whether an international group or an SME, a private company or public agency, a carrier or a software company, Sanef télécoms provides solutions and services to all of its clients, including very high-speed Ethernet and/or WDM over optical fiber and high points.

Backed by our own network, our primary aim is to honour our commitments to our clients—proximity, reliability and responsiveness—on a day-to-day basis.

A single point of contact for customized service
Your contact is responsible for ensuring that our commitments are upheld, with the support of a team of expert telecoms engineers. This person will support you throughout your project:

  • From its initial design, during the audit and technical study phase, in order to define the right architecture for you by recommending and designing innovative solutions;
  • During rollout and go-live, thanks to a rigorous steering process;
  • On a day-to-day basis, as your needs evolve and change.